Kurohime Plateau is overflowing with nature.
There are around 33,000 square meters of forest
and clear streams here. You can enjoy our
delicious dishes made with plenty of local
ingredients while being surrounded by the
seasonal nature here at Hotel Wakatsuki. You
can also have fun on a complete day trip in
addition to staying overnight. One of the
attractions here is to enjoy fish caught in
our pond in our hotel’s special karaage
(deep-fried) style while still fresh.

Hotel Wakatsuki

Hot Spring Sauna and Guest Rooms

Hot Spring Sauna and Guest Rooms

Artificial Radium Hot Spring: Kurohime Hot Spring and Unryu Hot Spring

Our baths are radium hot springs. This means they will
heal the tiredness of your trip and leave you feeling
refreshed. The bathing water is softened by the effect
of the radium. This allows you to take a bath
healthily while giving your skin soft moisture.

Artificial Radium Hot Spring

Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Japanese-style rooms

Wa room

Japanese and Western-style rooms

Wa room

twin rooms

AmenitiesFace towels, toothbrushes, bath towels and yukatas (light cotton kimonos)

Attractions of the Green Season

The green season is open and warm.
You can enjoy a relaxing and luxurious
time while listening to the babbling
of the river and the sound of the wind
stroking the greenery in the forest.
Seasonal flowers await you in the
Wakatsuki Nature Garden on our

Attractions of the Green Season

Attractions of the Winter Season
Attractions of the Winter Season

Winter in Shinshu is when the snow
glistens and flutters. The snowy
landscape that extends out
everywhere is a magical sight
that you cannot see in the city.
 You will find Kurohime Kogen
Snow Park located near our hotel.
This is fully-equipped with a
family park and kids park that
even children under the age of
three can enjoy.

Essential Site for All Advanced Skiers

The master of our hotel is Shinichi Wakatsuki. He is a former all-Japan
national demonstrator! He started skiing at the age of three and then
immersed himself in the world of competitive skiing after that. He won
many prizes at intercollegiate championships when he was in university
and at the All Japan Championships. After retiring from competition, he
studied overseas alone for four years at the Austria National Ski School
with the aim of becoming an instructor. He returned to Japan after
acquiring the Austrian national ski instructor qualification. After
that, he served as an all-Japan national demonstrator for 9 periods
(18 years) and was chosen to represent Japan in international skiing
four times. He currently teaches at the Shinanomachi Ski Club. In
addition, he is working to spread the popularity of skiing, such as by
serving as a referee at the All-Japan Ski Technique Championships.

Shinichi Wakatsuki

Seasonal Shinshu Tastes

Specialty of Wakatsuki: Fresh Fish of Shinshu

Shinshu salmon, rainbow trout and iwana (char) swim vigorously in our
hotel’s fish preserve. These fresh fish raised in the clear streams
of Kurohime are caught just before they are cooked. This means that
you can enjoy fresh fish at any time.

Wakatsuki Seasonal Dinner

Summer Dinner
Summer Dinner
Winter Dinner
Winter Dinner

Fully Savor Shinshu: Plenty of Freshwater Fish
Chan-chan-yaki with Shinshu salmon (lightly grilled salmon)
Chan-chan-yaki with Shinshu salmon
(lightly grilled salmon)
Shabu-shabu with Shinshu salmon and Shinshu pork (quickly boiled salmon and pork)
Shabu-shabu with Shinshu salmon and Shinshu pork
(quickly boiled salmon and pork)


We serve easy-to-eat breakfast
that is friendly on your body at
Hotel Wakatsuki.


Access and Sightseeing in the Surrounding Area

Winter Precautions

The snow begins to fall in this area from around November. The road
surfaces may become frozen. Therefore, please check the weather upon
preparing winter tires and chains when coming here. Please take care
by driving safely.

Basic Information

Check-in: From 15:00
Check-out: Until 10:00

Free parking lot (30 spaces available on a
first-come-first-served basis)

We accept credit cards
(VISA JCB American Express DCNICOS Master Card JTB)

Basic Information

Rate Table
One night with two meals From 8,800 yen
One night with breakfast From 7,128 yen
Accommodation with no meals From 5,500 yen
Child rate From 70% of the adult fare
Infant rate From 50% of the adult fare

※Our rates vary depending on the
season and plan. Please feel free to ask.

Cancelation Policy
Three days to one day before 50% of the accommodation rate
Cancellation on the day 100% of the accommodation rate
No-show without contact 100% of the accommodation rate

Reservation Precautions

※We will contact you after receiving your reservation e-mail.
Your reservation will be confirmed when you receive this confirmation. If we do not
contact you within three days from your reservation or inquiry by e-mail, we ask that
you please confirm by telephone. Please make on-the-day or day-before reservations
by telephone.

Day Trip Facilities: Leisure Wakatsuki

Outdoor Barbecue Area

From 2,200 yen per person
※This service is available from four people
Charcoal, iron plates, nets, vegetables, meat
and other accompanying items

Outdoor Barbecue Area

Carefree Fishing in Our Fishing Pond Carefree Fishing in Our Fishing Pond

Fishing Fee Fishing rod rental + bait: 220 yen
Purchase Fee
(Per 100 g)
Raw Cooked
Kurohime iwana (char) 297 yen per 100 g Kurohime iwana (char) 407 yen per 100 g
Rainbow trout 176 yen per 100 g Rainbow trout 352 yen per 100 g

※The above is the tax-included price

River Fish Catching Experience

1,100 yen(tax included) for 2 hours per person
(Up to two fish)
※This service is available
from four people.

River Fish Catching Experience

Adult Taste: Smoked Food Making Experience

Smoked food such as cheese is perfect for snacks.
We recommend you first enjoy an experience of a
barbecue because it takes about two hours for
smoked food to be completed.

Campground (With Cooking Area and Restrooms)

※We do not offer tent or sleeping bag
rental. We ask that you please bring
these with you.
Please feel to contact us about fees and spaces.

Restaurant: Wakatsuki

Please savor the seasonal tastes of Shinshu with a focus on fresh river fish.
(Reservations required)

Restaurant: Wakatsuki

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